I love to ski! Unfortunately, living in Texas makes that a little difficult at times, but I'm sure to hit the slopes whenever I can. The pictures here are of some shots I captured in Vermont!


Recently I've been listening to more r&b and electronic, and the images shown are of some recent favorites I found! In no specific order, they are: "Ventura" by Anderson Paak, "How Can I" by Park Hye Jin, and "Iteration" by Com Truise.


I also love to play basketball! Normally, I just play pickup games and with friends, but sometimes I play in leagues, like where the two pictures come from, one of me and my coach, and one with our first place medal for the 2019 Winter YMCA League.


I've also recently began to pick up photography as a hobby, and have been taking pictures whenerver I get the chance. The pictures are some shots I took at three different parts of the day overlooking South 1st Street Bridge here in Austin!


I like to play golf, although right now I'm taking a break. The two pictures, in no order, are me posing for a picture at a tournament, and the other is my 1st place ribbon in the 2019 LCISD JV District Tournament!